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6 classy shoes every lady should have in their closet – Photos

The truth is everyone buys shoes for a certain reasons including myself. Some are conventional reasons, some are down to functionality and others still down to our sense of fashion and taste. That is why we have listed a must haves shoes for ladies and why.


Want to show of that nice pedicure? A pair of flat sandals never disappoints. They are very comfortable and their small size makes them very portable.



2. Doll shoes

Doll shoes are adorable flats that go almost every outfit thus being a must in your wardrobe

flat shoes


Every lady’s wardrobe must have a pair heels. There is something about slipping on a pair of high heels that leads to more confidence, expressing a certain type of assertiveness and also showing a personal style.

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4. Boots

Cold weather always screams for boots. However, Boots have become season-less as they can be worn during the any season. One can wear the short boots with a sexy skirt during the sunny days or long boots with fancy jeans during cold days.

boots boots

5. Wedges

Wedges act as alternatives to heels as they are very comfortable. They are a casual and can be used to go out to just have normal drinks with your girlfriends.


6. Sneakers

Every season is appropriate for sneakers and as if that is not enough, these shoes are comfortable and can be worn with any type of outfit one may wish to wear.

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