6 reasons to take a break from makeup

While growing up, some of us were not allowed make up until later when we could afford to buy it.

Sounds crazy right?

Wearing makeup can be a wonderful way to show off color, enhance our features, and express ourselves.

On the other hand, going a few days without makeup allows the skin to breathe and rebuild from any build up caused by makeup applied daily.

Here are reasons why your skin needs a break from make-up

1. Helps your skin to breath

A week or a while without make up helps skin to rebuild itself and also cleanse itself.

This allows your pores to exfoliate and to allow it to rebuild putting off blemishes and excess damage that may have occurred while you had make up on.

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 2. Saves time

People take almost an hours getting all those layers of make up on your skin.

Well taking a break saves you a lot of time that could be effectively used elsewhere.


3. Saves money

The reality of make up is that it is very expensive.

Getting all the products that you need may be a very costly affair and being off make up helps you save money.


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4. You Probably Don’t Need It

One of the main reasons why you should consider taking a break from your makeup is because you don’t need it!

I know you might hate looking in the mirror and seeing your acne and uneven skin tone. But you’re probably the only one who sees your blemishes!


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5. Reconnects with your younger self

Going makeup-free somehow brings you to a subtle state of mind. Something that’s totally liberating!

It reconnects you with your inner self something that is so relaxing

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 6. Prevents aging

Make up contributes to the last but not least. Aging

Many foundations , concealers and powders suck out moisture of your skin.

In short, Scrubbing all those products off everyday pulls at our skin and stretches it out. Not cute! Give your skin a break so that aging doesn’t strike early.



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