6 Easy and classy ways to style your braids – photos

Have you recently had your braids done? Let’s admit it, braids are always a go to any day any time and to achieve different looks, you can style them differently.

There are 6 very classy ways to style your braids.

1.Up do Bun

This style is very convenient and for those people who do not like hair on their face, this is a very easy way to do your braids and make hem look amazing and classy.



2.Side parted braids

For one, this style is very eye catching and very easy to do.

This is one of the easy ways to do braids without much struggle and mahn! is it lovely!


3.Half bun

This is also a very easy do for your hair. Here for ladies who like tying their hair up but also down, this is a combination of both as it is very elegant and can be done even when going for dinner.

half bun1

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4. Side parted braids

This is a very easy way to style our hair. The thing is that you will only move your hair to either side of your face giving it that unique look that will make heads turn.

side braids

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5. Box braids

This is a also a very convenient look as the braids are short and to your preferred length. you can decide to accessorize the braids giving it that unique look.

box braids


6. Head wrap style

This is a very easy go to, as different wraps give different looks and that is a very easy step. For bad hair days, one can do wraps to give a different that different but unique look.


head wrap

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