5 Ways to strategically plan for a new week effectively

Planning for a new week is very important. What is more important is knowing what to do every day for the entire week without much hustle.

We have highlighted how you can do this as you plan for the week.

1. Schedule everything in your calendar

This will be like your savior into the week.

Planning and arranging your week and scheduling all that into the calendar is everything that you need for that week.

This simplifies your work flow and and helps you to keep tabs on what you ought to do.


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2. Manage your weekly schedule before the start of the week

Prioritize your tasks before hand to manage the rest of the week.

Take advantage of the weekend to plan for your week in order to prioritize for all the plans you have made.


3. Update meetings before the week starts

Again, take advantage of the weekend and plan the duties, meetings and assignments for that week.

This helps you to be focused and manage your week without much hustle.

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4. Review your previous weeks 

This allows you to set goals for the next week by knowing what happened in the previous week,

If there were any losses, un attended meetings, less sales, and all that, by reviewing what happened in the previous week, you get to know what adjustments and changes you need to make.


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5. Do it after and the week after that ….and so on

Making this a habit and doing it on a weekly basis makes weekly planning manageable.

It helps you not to strain your time and to manage your weekly events successfully


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