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5 Types of men women should date but DON’T

Every other person is lamenting on how the modern man is caught up in worldly niceties. From clubbing hard, to their randy behavior, to football fanaticism etc. Most women can’t keep up with such a man. Basically, they are labelled as trash. But did God salvage a few? I bet He did:

1. Non clubbers


These are the men you’ll only find in a club in case they are on a marketing assignment. They prefer staying indoors binging on a good movie or reading a book. Clubbing ain’t part of their bargain. They don’t take alcohol so be sure you’ll always get into argument with them while they’re on a sober mind. They just hate how the booze turns men into zombies.

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2. Playing PlayStation

This is an addiction for most young men. Just walk into any gaming parlor and you’ll find a bunch of guys waiting on the line to have their turn. However, there are men who’ve never stepped into these lounges.


They have no idea of how the PS operates and are not bothered at all with that.

3. Football

Other than twa twa, this is what turns on most men. The adrenaline of the game keeps them glued to the TV on a match day. And what’s better than catching up on the latest match with your buddies.


In the contrary we have men who care less about this game. They have no favourite club and can’t even name a single player. They’d rather pick a fight with their women.

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4. Sleeping around

Already you shaking your head in disapproval. There are loyal men. Men who have eyes for a single woman. They are the proverbial “Real Man” Catch him cheating, then be sure its eschatology. You don’t need to be insecure while dating or married to one of them. We can get a head count of them.

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