5 tricky yet interesting ways to handle a stubborn wife

Alot of us girls are this way, you say yes and she says no. Argh, I can see your blood boiling fellas. When driving she says turn left, but you turn right, and all hell breaks lose.

You love her dearly for her looks, her risk taking and personality, but all this seems not worth it all because of her stubborn nature because everything has to go her way.

Are there really ways to handle her? Yes. There are. Let us have a look :

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Know what you want

Is she a no go zone or fair play? It’s important to be clear if it is worth it still being in that relationship. If you still want in, tackle her, if not bounce because handling this person for the rest of your life will need a man with will power. man-angry-with-wife

Talk to them when the time is right

Give it time, don’t think anytime is the right time to talk to her. Her stubborn streak is not up to talking just yer bro. Wait and when you eventually see her hanging around you but not talking, jump right in. It indicates she could in the mood to tolerate you and listen.

Change your attitude

This is not the time to go off on her. Step back and although it may seem you are backing down, it isn’t. She will silently appreciate your attempt to give her time to cool off.

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Try to make them calm down


We can all agree that a calm partner is easier to talk to. And you too should be in this situation. Talk slowly and in no way shout or raise your voice because bro! It will all go down from here.

Tell them how much you love them

Reassurance about her love is something she needs to hear.

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