5 tips to co-parent successfully over the festive season without going nuts



Dear KOT, please you must plan how to deal with co-parenting this holiday season if faced with this situation for the kids sake to  enjoy the holidays. Here are five ways you can do this

1. Coordinate with the ex. This ensures things flow as smoothly as possible, and decisions don’t clash in any way for the holidays.  Make sure that your kids can spend an equal amount of time with both parents during the holidays. For instance one can take the first half of Dec, and the other the end of the holidays season.

2. Plan and let each other know what gifts you are each giving the child. Talk with your ex about who is buying what to ensure equality and to also avoid buying two of everything.

3. Prepare for tough/rough times. What do I mean? Everyone gets emotional during festivities for one reason or another, either separation or divorce, and nerves can be rattled. Set up rules to be followed and how it will be handled.

4.Sit down and talk with your kids leaving no topic unhandled.anger

Schedule a time to talk with your children and make sure that they understand that the transition is hard for everyone. Tell them it’s hard for you too, and let them see your vulnerability. Being emotionally prepared is the best thing to do.

5. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know it happens to the best of us. It’s easy for anyone to get overwhelmed during the holidays. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally.


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