5 things you did not know about Mombasa-Based actor Dan Sonko

Dan Sonko came to the limelight after the death of his wife Druscillah Walowe Mngoda who breathed her last after developing complications during delivery.

The news shocked not only Dan, but the country as a whole for the loss of such a beautiful soul, but the father of two has done a great job in ensuring the boys grow up loved.

Sad!! Dan Kinyanjui Opens Up On What Really Caused His Wife’s Death


Weeks after Dru was laid to rest, her husband, Dan Kinyanjui, came out to explain what really happened to his beautiful wife Dru in 2017

On Saturday night, May 20, we arrived home at 10pm after an awesome evening at our pal’s, Michael Otieno, popularly known as DJ Lenium. We went to bed, but at 1am she woke up complaining of heartburn,” remembers Dan.

She wanted to brush it off, but when she threw up, I immediately rushed her to Nyali Healthcare in Nyali, where we were ably assisted by Dr Kevin Kinyua, who then referred us to Aga Khan Hospital for admission.”

She was okay when they arrived at Aga Khan, and even got out of the car unassisted. She sat on the wheelchair and was wheeled to the maternity wing as Dan sorted out the admissions paperwork.

While at admissions, Dan heard the four words that would forever change the course of his life and that of his two sons.

Dan Sonko’s sons Darrell and Djibril

“Maternity Wing, Code Purple!” someone bellowed from down the corridor.

“I lost friends after Dru died, thanx God for the kids” Dan Sonko opens up

I rushed there to find my Babe convulsing,” he says, using the affectionate name, Babe, to refer to his wife of six years. “She was in a fit and foaming, and once she was stabilized I signed the consent forms for her to go for emergency Caesarian section.”

Doctors told him the fit was indicative of high blood pressure complications during pregnancy, referred to in medical terms as eclampsia. If unmanaged, it could destroy the liver, kidneys and even the brain.

What Dru was going through was a severe complication of pre-eclampsia, a condition that affects some pregnant women, usually after the 20th week or the second half of pregnancy, or soon after their baby is delivered.

Baby Djibril left behind by Dru Sonko after her death

Dan took to his Instagram to interact with his fans in a questions and answer session and here are things you did not know about him

  1. His mum is Rwandese


“You inspire me my brother” Ted Josiah tells fellow widower Dan Sonko

2. He is a supply chain professional , a biker and has great love for theatre.


3. His wife the late Dru Sonko was from Taita


4. He is related to the twins Paul Ndichu (Grace Msalame’s ex husband and Eddie Ndichu (Janet Mbugua’s husband)

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