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5 things to do if your single on Valentine’s day


If feelings of loneliness creep up on you feeling as if no one loves you, here’s some things you can do to survive the day.

1. Have a movie marathon featuring your celebrity crush.
Netflix has so many movies they are showing for this day.

Sorry ladies, this is why your man is mteja on Valentines day

2. Go on a shopping spree,as right now there;s so many offers for things such as perfume, and all those items you may have been eyeing.

3. Laugh it up
It’s never that serious people. Laughter boosts your mood, reduces stress, and makes you feel better.

4. There’s a new term on social media and it’s called galentines. Have a singles get together and exchange gifts. Just like when we have gift exchanges on Christmas at work, this can also work.

5. Finally, if it upsets you to see lovers on this day, log off. You won’t be missing out on much.

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