5 things a wife means when she says she needs space

Is it always bad news when a wife tells her husband she needs space?

We all need our alone time, and spouses should respect that.

‘The way the men understand it is different’ Maina said while tackling the topic on Friday morning.

So here are the most likely things she means to help you understand her and avoid unnecessary conflict in your marriage. Take it from this sister.

1 She just needs some space.When a wife says she needs her space it means she is looking for downtime to recharge.  She  overwhelmed with school, work or have personal issues at home, so having you in that mix is just too much for her to handle.

2 She misses her life before you came into the picture

She would love to reconnect with the things she used to do before you. Maybe she traveled alot but since being with you, she hasn’t done the things that made her happy. So she is highly contemplating rekindling that part of her life. See it’s not that bad.

Give her time to travel, hang out with girlfriends etc.

3 She’s tired of seeing you all the time

Her every waking moment is spent looking at your face, and sometimes fellas, sometimes it’s exhausting *insert horrified fce*. She’s sick of your face and some time apart could help get rid of that irritating feeling she experiencing questioning your marriage and why you even exist

4 She’s done and dusted with the marriage

Uh oh, now this one means trouble for you bro. She needs to get away from you and rethink the marriage and needs space.


5. She wants to resume her hobbies

It’s often said that women lose themselves when they get married. And something in the relationship sparked her need to get back to factory settings. As a man you can do simple things like allow her to be her former self, and see how your bae will light up your world.

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