5 Reasons Why Your Second Marriage Will Be Better Than Your First

So your first marriage ended. While it was unfortunate, you decided that it would not hold you back from finding the love you deserve. As fate would have it, you eventually met someone new, and while you may or may not have been expecting it, the two of you got to a point where neither of you were able to imagine life without each other. You began to see yourself building a life with this person and before you knew it, you were on the road to the altar.

Here’s why your second marriage will probably be better than your first.

You already know what to expect

Chances are that when entered your first marriage, you were in your 20s with no real idea of what to expect. Now that you’ve been down the aisle and back, there will be less surprises. “Marriage requires work” is no longer a lofty concept to you. You know firsthand what this means and you’re ready to handle the tasks ahead. You know that there will be both good and bad days and you’re ready to embrace them all.

You know how to choose your battles

In the past, you were more likely to overlook things that you probably shouldn’t have. However, you now know how detrimental it is to stay quiet when you know good and well that you should speak up. You are also able to recognize when you’re nitpicking and you know when to let things go.

You already know the pain of divorce

You’re well aware of how dreadful divorce can be and you’re committed to giving this second marriage your all so that you never find yourself in that place again. You’ve learned not to allow your ego to take over during those difficult moments. You’ve learned to silence that tiny little voice that says “Hey, you don’t have to take this.” Because you’ve been through a bitter divorce, you recognize that while working through this marital issue is difficult, it’s nothing in comparison to divorce proceedings.

You did your work 

You took the time to reflect on your first marriage and what went wrong. You’ve accepted what happened as well as the role you played in the dissolution of that relationship. And most of all, you’ve allowed yourself to heal.

You know what you want

You learned from your first marriage what you don’t want in a husband. This unfortunate but life-changing experience helped you to become a better judge of character. You’re honest with yourself about your desires and needs as well as what you can and can’t live without. Perhaps you thought that you preferred traditional marriage roles the first time around, but experience has taught you otherwise.


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