5 Reasons why drinking water is important to our health

Do you drink enough water everyday? Well, facts have proved that drinking water is essential to our bodies. That our bodies are 60% water.

The recommended water intake has always been 8 glasses a day but with time it has been noted that our bodies need more hydration than the recommended 8 glasses that have been said.


1. It leads to a clear glowing skin

Have you always wondered why some people have glowing skin while they don’t do much to keep them glowing? Well if you follow up, you will find out that it is because they take plenty of water which hydrates their skin giving them that flawless glow .

Thus it is important to always hydrate and it may not show immediately on your skin especially if you have been taking enough, but when the changes show, you will be glad you made that decision.

It also leads to premature wrinkling.

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2. The digestive system depends on it

The digestive system depends on water 100% and dehydration leads to constipation and excessive dehydration can also lead to ulcers

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3. It prevents kidney damage

Kidney stones can be caused by lack of enough water in the system. Thus one should take enough water to avoid this and other problems.

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4. Boosts your brain power

Research has been found out that in both women and children, when you drink more water, you may improve your cognitive performance, too. Several studies have shown that people drinking water during cognitive tasks performed much better than those people who did not drink water during the tasks.


5. Protects against diseases

One of the most important roles of water is its ability to prevent diseases. Proper hydration may lead to preventing diseases such as constipation, urinary tract infection and also kidney stones.

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