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5 Reasons why dance is just as important as that maths class!

Before rocks are thrown at my window, no one is disputing that mathematics or science class alright?

All we are trying to say is that dance is also as important as any other activity including school

Alright, where were we again?

Aaah! yes, that dance class that is also as important as the math class.

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Boost of confidence.

Think of it this way, most of the times by the fact that we can calculate equations perfectly after a few lessons yes?

Does it boost your confidence? It kinda tickles your ego right?

That is the same case when you dance, after a few social lessons, it motivates you to keep on trying until you are able to do it well.

It is an essential part of life

Just like how you have other subjects to learn from, dance is also as essential.

It is essential in that it brings an aspect in life where you are social an not only that, dance not only juggles with your mind, it also keeps your body energized and active.


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Dance can pay bills too

I know, I know, you are just about to eat me up for this.

Truth be told though, we are in an era where talent is being recognized and just like piloting and all those math courses, dance is also doing the same.

Awakens curiosity and Creativity

Dance is not just a plus to your exercise life, it also awakens all the X-factors in your system. It brings out creativity top notch.

Just like you work around numbers or any other subject, dance also does the same for you.


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Dance is art

This is just a fact.

Dance, just like school, exercise and everything in between is just art.

You may find pleasure in just listening to music and watch other people dance, but some people actually thrive in dancing to express themselves.


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