5 Reasons why are relationships are failing in this millennial era

Social media and texts have replaced face to face and normal conversations in relationships especially in this millennial era.

If you are a parent of a millennial, you need to know the reasons why their young adulthood is so different from the way yours was.

Unlike previous generations where internet was not common, nowadays relationships are there for show and after that relationships is over, well another show it is.

Relationships thus end up being a joke rather than a commitment journey.

Well, this among others are some of the reasons why why millennial relationships may not work.

1. Over Expectations

When getting into a relationship or if you are already in one, there are always expectations on many things including how one needs to be treated.

Most of these expectations include being treated with kindness, love, affection but above all they expect loyalty.

Well here is the thing, no relationship is perfect and even happily married couples argue.

Conflict in this case is healthy in relationships this is because looking on a brighter side, may lead to better understanding of each other.

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2. The expectations of constant communication.

Now this is the part that I would like to insist only happens for ladies expect a lot but then again, a relationship comprises of two people.

Communication is very important but should not be a determinant of who holds the relationship more than the other.

IN any case, as said, takes two to make a relationship work.

Thus the expectation that constant communication is the only thing that holds the relationship together.

Well you will have noticed that it takes more than just communication to have that good relationship with your partner.

3. We want a relationship but not commitment

You’ve heard of open relationships right?

The kind that you are in a relationship but are allowed to see other people?

Well that may be a hindrance in millennial relationships  as people want to be in a relationship but then again, have commitment issues with their partners.

This is not a challenge for the millennial, the older generation finds it so hard to even understand.

Perhaps its time we stopped dating for show,hiding behind those smart phones and actually star living!



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4. We do not make compromises

In most cases, when in relationships, we like having things go our way yeah? and if it does not go our way, we can not settle for anything less.

Well this should not be the case when in a commitment as one should not only think about themselves but at what is important for the relationship.

Basically compromising does not mean that you are letting yourself be vulnerable, it only means you are thinking about  the whole general and what is best for you and your partner.


5. Belief of a fairy-tale ending

Well if you  used to watch those Mexican soap operas when you were a child, you will realize that happy ending only happen in movies.

The illusion these kind of movies give is that there is a fairy kind of ending. these may be misleading.

Thus it is important to know that movies are fictional, and when getting into a relationship, think of it as a commitment where there will be conflict and growth through out the relationship.




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