5 really annoying things makanga’s get away with

Using a matatu is an extreme sport if you ask me. Commutters are put through the most.

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Touts aka makangas have in a long time gotten away with bad behaviors and here’s a few of them:

1. Indecently touching women

It’s very common seeing a tout getting touchy towards a lady. This happens whenever a tout is requesting a woman to board a matatu. They can be seen putting their hands around the waist and above her backside. Depending on how tough a woman is, most touts get away with this annoying behaviour.

2. Shoving someone

Getting a potential passenger to board your matatu is something that turns out to be a rough affair. Makangas are always all over someone pushing and pulling them hoping to convince them to board their assigned matatu. Woe unto you who carry belongings along with you.



3. Dropping off someone at the wrong place

This is common when you are left as the only passenger yet to arrive to their destination. The makangas force you out of the car and head back to the stage. This only ends up inconveniencing someone as you have to finds other means to get to your final destination.

Another common misconduct is dropping off someone at the wrong place and hitting the road like they don’t care.

4. Getting abusive

Makangas are well known for spitting distasteful words towards a client whenever asked something they feel guilty about. This could be someone complaining of hiked fare, loud music and over speeding. To extreme cases, some have turned out violent towards passenger even causing death.

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5. Ignoring passengers requests

How many times have you said “shukisha apo” and getting no response from the tout only for you to say it again and he rudely responds, “nimesikia”. For others, they act deaf whenever someone requests for change.

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