5 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Tina Kaggia

Tina Kaggia, the mellow-voiced presenter on Classic 105 mid morning show reveals 5 random things you don’t know about her. Find out how you can make her cry in one easy step.

Here are the five random facts

1. The sound of frogs croaking makes her cry
If you want to prank Tina, now you know the perfect plan just put her in the same room as a frog.

2. She is allergic to water melons
Unbelievable that your favourite fruit is actually bad for her. Tina Kaggia gets insane allergic reactions after consuming watermelons.

3. She cannot wear her socks while standing
How easy is it to wear your socks while standing? IT is an uphill tasks for Tina and she cannot muster the balance and will always look for a place to sit

4. She cannot spell Wednesday
Maybe we should hold a spelling B competition because Tina cannot spell Wednesday. I made her spell it and she just googled.

5. She has intense road rage
You may misjudge her because of her small demeanour, but you might want to think twice before offending her on the road. Tina confesses to having intense road rage it surprises her.

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