5 painful signs you’re in a one sided relationship


The big problem of a one-sided relationship is that the person who is more committed in the relationship becomes less satisfied over time due to their needs not being met.

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1. They constantly bail on you
Do you find yourself making plans for dinner or lunch and then at the last minute, they don’t show up?

2. Your priorities are different from theirs

If the only way you can see them is if you fit around their schedule, then you might in a one-sided relationship.

Should you also have to travel long distances to see him, yet he never sacrifices to come to you, then it’s one sided.

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3. They never return the favor

Some people take more than they give, and it’s a sign you’re in a one-sided relationship.

4. You apologize when you shouldn’t have to

Do you apologize for things that aren’t even caused by you or for simply being yourself? If your partner is making you feel bad and putting you down for simply being you, then that’s a bad sign that they’re too controlling over your life.



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