5 habits that Kenyan girls have picked up thanks to the sponsor culture

Sponsors seem to be the hottest thing in town, every one seems to want a piece of them. Gone are the days where having an old man for a boyfriend was frowned upon, young ladies are embracing this culture with wide open arms and are not ashamed of showing it to the world.

The sponsor culture has made  young ladies find a shortcut to success and don’t have to work hard to live a lavish lifestyle that includes wearing designer clothes,visiting exotic locations for holidays and driving expensive cars.

The other reason why demand for sponsors is high is because most of them have spent their lives working and investing their money and the wealth has multiplied through the years. The older men are looking for ways to enjoy it, and so what better way to spend it than on young ,sexy ladies? After all money talks.

On the other side the  sponsor culture has had a few negative impacts such as;

Get rich mentality

Laziness is one of the things that has contributed to the sponsor culture, they feel they cannot achieve on their own and need a helping hand  in the form of an older man.


We all know that nothing comes for free and the ‘sponsors’ expect something in return usually sexual favors that is said to encourage prostitution.

Fake Lavish Lifestyles.

They wear designer clothes, drive expensive cars and visit the most exotic holiday destinations while shopping in the best malls in the world.

Heavy spenders

This young girls hang out in groups in fancy places like spa’s and other establishments.They don’t care how much they spend on drinks and food neither do they think of investing or putting the money to great use.

Busy schedules

These type of ladies are always on the move doing nothing in particular, what’s worse is that they always have an excuse why they are late to meet up with you, to show how important they have become.















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