5 everyday superfoods you should eat

Inspite of the harsh economic times we are facing as Kenyans, these are very simple healthy and readily available food items that everyone must ensure they take every day.


Water is very important in our bodies. It helps balance body fluids that help in absorption, digestion, circulation, creation of saliva, health skin glow and mainitain body temperatures. It energizes muscles thus keeps you ernergised.


It helps maintain a healthy looking skin because of vitamin c and fibre content. In  young children, it reduces the high ristb of child leukemia.  Due to the high water percentage, oranges maintains body fluids, health blood pressure and prevents stroke.


Very simple but very beneficial as most people use this as a vegetable. However, you can eat it raw. Tomatoes have a compound that protect from the high risk of bladder, lung, prostrate, skin and stomach cancer.


 carrots are a very important in our daily meals. Apart from the common benefit, carrots reduce the high risk of cancer, prevents inflammatory conditions such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

Ground nuts:

Yes, simple ground nuts, they are good in boosting memory power due to vitamin B3, lowers the risk of heart diseases, it’s a natural man power in bed and it fights depression and promotes fertility in both men and women.

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