5 Essential sneakers a man should have in his closet

If you do not have sneakers and are wondering where to get inspiration from, then this is your safe space, we got you covered with only the best.

Most of the times when we talk about men shoes, we only talk about the office shoes but we are making it different today.

Here are 5 Important sneakers men should have in their closets.

Converse chuck Taylor

When it comes to sneakers, converse should top the list.

From its comfortable feel to that flexible comfort, these are a must have in your closet.

The first converse shoes were made in 1908 as a baseball shoe which later evolved to be a fashion statement.



Adidas Stan Smiths

Back in the days, these are the shoes that went big especially on the Tennis court.

Aside from that these shoes are really stylish and classy.

At times wore with suits but when this happens, one has to be careful that when you wear a suit, it is essential to know that when this happens wear a T-shirt instead of an official shirt.

addidas stan smiths

6 classy shoes every lady should have in their closet – Photos

Nike Air-force 1

The emphasis should be that they should be pure white.

These shoes are bomb don’t you think?

The fist Air- force shoe came into the market in the 1980’s and have never left and i know they will be there for a long time.

The white is so clean you could actually just kiss it no?

nike airforce 1

Nike Cortez 

The shoes were in 1980 Olympics in Los Angels which was first tried and tested.

These shoes are were actually used on the running field.

They are multi purpose and aside from being worn by women, they could be worn by men too.

nike cortez

5 must have pairs of shoes every man should own

Jordan 1

These shoes were first designed in the 1980’s.

They continue to still be a trend setter in the fashion industry.



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