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5 Easy yoga poses you should try for a flat tummy

Yoga exercises can be the best remedy for a flat tummy and bikini body. They help in burning fats faster and can make one to be flexible.

Tokeo la picha la yoga poses

These are some of the poses you need to try;

Bow pose

Spread a mat on the floor and lie on it with your belly stretch out your legs and your arms to your side. Bend your knees upwards then back to hold your ankles. Maintain the position as you inhale and exhale allowing the body to relax for some minutes.

Tokeo la picha la yoga bow pose

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Wind relieving pose

On your back, stretch you legs out with your heels touching each other and your arms at your side. Breath out as you bend your knees and move them towards your chest. Move your thighs towards your body and tighten  them to your abdomen muscles. Hold in that position as you breathe deeply for some time

Picha inayohusiana

Boat pose

Lie down flat on your back and make sure your muscles are relaxed. Breathe as you raise your chest and feet up the ground. Hold in that positions as you breathe in and out simultaneously.

Tokeo la picha la yoga boat pose

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Squat pose yoga

Stand up straight with your legs some meters apart and stretch your hands out straight. You can either hold your hands together or leave them freely into the air. Bend as if you are sitting down while your torso goes deep down. Maintain that position and you breathe in and out normally. Time yourself.

Picha inayohusiana

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Back push ups pose

Lie on your back. Exhale and  your body with your feet off the floor so that your back and butts are off the floor. Let your hands remain flat on the floor and maintain that position as for some timed session. Repeat the same process over and over.

Picha inayohusiana

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