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4 things to do with leftover wine

It’s Friday and that means Wine O’clock for many Kenyan girls, but what happens when you don’t manage to finish that two litres of wine? I found some pretty interesting ideas on what to do with leftover wine, that most of us never knew.

Instead of letting that half empty bottle go to waste or sit in your fridge for a ridiculous amount of time, try repurposing it in one of these creative ways.

a. Use to cook with it

Yup, use that wine to enhance the flavor of your food. Please do not use it on pilau njeri, rather use it to meat, poultry and seafood sauces and some veggies.

b.  Bake with it

c. Make a face mask

d. Freeze it as wine cubes. Awesome for a hot day, and that’s assuming the good weather we are experiencing holds up for a bit longer.

So tell us Classic 105 fam, are there other creative ways you use leftover wine?

Drop your comments below and we will be sure to include them in our articles.




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