4 reason why men are controlled by the women they are dating

We have all heard the joke, ‘huyu amekaliwa chapati.’ This means a man is been dominated at home by his woman and he has no say in the relationship.

Funny as it may seem, it can be frustrating and very embarrassing to the men involved.

This is because they are made to do things that are set for women by society.

Such things include doing their laundry, cooking for the family, mopping the house, etc.

Below are some of the reasons why some men get controlled by their women.

Showing her that you love her too much

Women are very smart once you show them that they can control you they do it to perfection.
It is good to show your woman love but never let her forget that you are the man of the house.

Not taking up your financial responsibilities

ruth be told most men have left their responsibilities to women.
They do not care how rent is paid or how the kids’ school fees are paid, The same men will come and demand conjugal rights from their wives.
No woman will respect you if you can’t man up and take up your responsibilities.

Being poor in bed
In most scenarios men who are poor in bed are womanizers, most do this to prove to themselves that they can still Gerrit.
We all know that the reason most people get married is for companionship and intimacy, if a woman does not get that she snaps.
And there is nothing as dangerous as a woman scorned. She will always demean you as she knows there is nothing you can do.

If your game is good, trust me you will be the one controlling her.


We should not underestimate the use of witchcraft by women, Witchcraft, and magic has existed since the early days.
Some women visit witch doctors and get concoctions used to control their husbands.
Most of these decisions are often brought about by peer pressure from friends or family members.
Sadly in some instances, the juju backfires and ends up killing the men.
So men don’t be too soft otherwise utakaliwa chapati.

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