4 places NOT to go to on a first date

I cannot for the life of me understand why a man would hustle to get a girl then take her to a kibanda for their first date.

Guys, don’t you know it’s a deal breaker?

The first date sets the bar for a man’s prospects but most are failing the boy child fraternity. Shida ni gani wanaume?

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Dear fellow men, here are some of the places to avoid on that first date:

1. Kibandaski

We go wrong with taking a woman to these shanties just to see how they’ll handle themselves. Apparently, to sort the chaff from the grain. How now fellow men? That’s loosing a bet before the game begins. Can you image she has her face beat, and her wig is popping, then she has to deal with smoke? Furthermore she has to sit on hard benches that can rip her leggings? Also how do you expect to run a smooth conversation while other customers will be eavesdropping on your talk?

2. Club

How do you take a woman to a club on your first date? With all that noise, and mafisi salivating on your woman.



This venue fails terribly as a first date option. Not unless you are a coward who can hardly have a meaningful conversation with a lady at least you can kill your prospects by taking her here.

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3. Your house

Asking her for a first date at your house is never a good idea. Lungula comes to these women’s head and the next thing you are already labelled “fisi.” As much as a home date is economical, it’s never a good idea to make it as your option for that first date. Things could get out of hand and I bet no one ever wants a first date to end up with twa twa session. Not unless you the type that these ladies have labelled “boys”

4. Movie theater


Not unless you having a dinner date later on, this venue is no go place. When will you have time to talk while you have that head gear throughout the movie. It’s a good entertainment place but for a date, it fails terribly.

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