4 legit reasons why it’s time to ditch the suit

Suits, for a long time, have been made the epitome of sleekness. You have to show up in one during a job interview and any event labelled as official. Do you think suits are overrated in this era of keeping it your own way? That’s a thought to ponder on.

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Here are reasons why you should reconsider your choice of putting on a suit:

1. Cultural betrayal

Remember when people wore hides? When wearing a hide skin marked authority. When did that change? To be honest we can’t go back to wearing such but we can take up the new African attire. Official suits is a western idea sold to us. Thankfully our honorable president created “Utamaduni day” with an aim for people to celebrate their different cultures and our attire is one of the marks of culture.

cultural suit

2. False impression

Not unless you’re the type that seeks attention, drop that suit! People having a wrong impression about you based on how you dress can be depressing. Suits have a way of making people think you have good money and it ain’t odd when you hear people calling you “mheshimiwa” whenever you rock a good suit.

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3. Wrong suit

Most men have issues with picking the right suit. It’s either oversize or wrong color. You don’t want to look like a clown walking through the street. Ditch that suit and find something else to put on. It takes someone who knows how to blend colors to get it right which proves to be a daunting task for most men.

4. Looks boring

bored man

Sometimes a suit looks boring. With most people using it as a mark of officialism, suits tend to feel like a uptight affair. Suits can create a wrong facade about a person. With most men own a few number of suits, it can be boring rotating around the limited choice one has.

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