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3 ways coronavirus is positively changing our lives

Coronavirus, the new kid at the block. Everybody is going erratic about this disease. The media is awash with endless information regarding this world menace. However, much of what has been doing rounds is mere shenanigan. This has caused panic all over with people doing bulk purchases in case they are asked to remain indoors. But come to think of it, here are some of the positive effects of Coronavirus:

1. Hygiene



Everyone is now washing their hands most of the time. Since nursery, we’ve been taught to always wash our hands as it the easiest way to keep diseases at bay. We’ve never taken it seriously till now. Hand sanitizers and antiseptics are nowhere to be found at the supermarket shelves. Panic purchases made these commodities run out of stock.

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2. Family time



The government has asked students to go back home and companies to allow their workers to work from home. This was a way to limit movement. Families will spend much of their time indoors.

This could be the ideal time to blend. Some of the things you could do is play indoor games (chess, scrabble and monopoly) do house chores together and cook meals as a family. Won’t you?

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3. Better time management

Most people will be working from home and this will test people’s time management skills. For those with little kids, your patience will be tested to the last born. Companies need to keep the profit going and at no hesitation will they drop you. Working from home is a no joke affair and requires someone to split their time carefully. The luxury that comes with working at home requires the utmost sacrifice to keep up with the input as it was while working from the office. Time is key and as a professional under minimal supervision, you need to make use of it.

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