3 times Kambua’s hairstyles have inspired naturalista’s

Apart from her good looks, Kambua is also known for her good hair. Incase you didn’t know who naturalista’s are, they are people who grow out their natural hair and Kambua is one of them.

Now, natural hair is not easy to maintain as naturalista’s easily get tired and tend to straighten it using chemicals.

Kambua with the good hair has always loved to style her natural hair and we can’t just have enough of it. Here are her different hair styles that should inspire you to continue with your natural hair journey and look glam.

1. Up do


This is just a simple look that doesnt need alot of work. If your hair is not long enough to have such a puff at the top you could buy an extension to complete.

2. TWA( Tiny Winy Afro)



How cute is she in that tiny afro. Now you probably have that kinda afro and you dont know how to style it. Here is an inspiration of how you could stand out in your tiny winy afro.

3. Push back



Another easy and common hair style that can take you for weeks without having a bad hair day. Who wouldn’t want that. You don’t even need to visit a hair stylist. You can just do it from the comfort of your house.


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