Here’s how you can earn money at home during the coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of Coronavirus, companies have asked people to work from home as a way to contain the spread of the virus.

Most teachers are idle at home and as the economy becomes hard to bear, here are some of the ways in which a person can earn from home.

1. Vlogging
YouTube ain’t closing offices and therefore everyone has the privilege to make use of it. You could be a great chef, a great nutritionist or a gym instructor. It’s the best time to create a blog and offer knowledge on the following issues. You never know, maybe you could start building your brand and it could be your full time job later in life.
2. Online writing
People are earning well through these assignments. It could be either online or academic writing. The former is easier to learn compared to the latter. Most campus students support their lifestyles through these assignments. There are numerous sites that offer these assignments which include Verblio, Upwork and many others. Some are free to create whereas others require a little amount of cash to register. You can always learn and get started.
3. Online schooling
This is for the rich folks. The rest of you stay aside. With most homes fitted with Wi-Fi, and kids owning laptops, a teacher can always tap into this.

With the use of Skype, classes can be run over the internet. How you package your payment is up to you.

Kids are at home after the government directive to have all schools shut. Just approach a few parents and give them your proposal and you could be raking in good money.

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