23 Things that girls do on first dates that totally turn men off

I must admit I love watching the dating show on Ebru TV, but what I simply can’t get over is the things done or said while on a first date that I consider a deal breaker.

From turning up dressed shabbily (why can’t you put some effort?) to lack of basic table manners.

Here is a list of the first date deal breakers and why he won’t call you back to hang out:
1. She Tries to Find Excuses to Be Mean
2. Being rude to the waiters
3. Constant negativity

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4. Looks down on you for finding your date entertaining
5. Being arrogant or stuck up
6. Checks their phone constantly
7. Bringing a friend along without asking if it’s alright with the dude
8. Having no sense of humor
9. Not talking

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10. Talking over you and never letting you get a word in edge-wise
11. Talking about her exes
12. Talking about how important she is to everyone she knows
13. Desperate for compliments

First date conversations to avoid

14. Makes no effort to be active in an outdoor date
15. Too much makeup
16. Chewing and talking with food in the mouth
17. Assuming you’ll do everything because “you’re the guy”
18. Lying about anything in her profile
19 Appearing shaggy/unkempt

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20. Not eating on a dinner date
21. Talking constantly about herself
22. Mocking/trolling other people
23. Getting way too drunk

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