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22-year-old saved from mob justice after throwing newborn in a pit latrine

Residents of Karagita estate in Naivasha were left in shock after a 22-year-old girl dumped her two months old baby in a pit latrine.

Quick efforts by a group of youths saw the minor rescued before the woman said to be a flower farm worker was arrested.

At one time, irate women wanted to beat up the suspect over the incident before she was rescued and whisked to Karagita police post.

A woman seeking to relieve herself in the latrine was attracted by the baby’s cries and informed her neighbors who confirmed the presence of the minor.

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An elder Patrick Gichuru said that they had to bring down the latrine before one of the youths with the help of a rope descended and rescued the minor.

“Neighbors immediately identified the minor from the clothes she was dressed in and the suspect was arrested and confessed to dumping the minor due to poverty,” he said.

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