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Meet Dorris Wako, the Kenyan police woman who is feeding street kids with her own salary

On a normal day, not many positive stories surrounding our Kenyan police pop up on our news feed and whenever they do? Best believe the world comes to a stand still and pays attention.

One police woman has joined the list of just a handful of police men and women who are slowly ‘mending’ the force’s name by going out of their way to give back to the very society which brought them up.

Despite their peanut salaries, Busia-based, Dorris Wako, has won hundreds of hearts after she was spotted feeding dozens of street kids using her own salary.

Her benevolence has earned her the ‘Mum’ title from the kids who rely on well wishers to feed them.

The story was first highlighted by a Facebook user who posted photos of Dorris Wako feeding the kids as well as freely interacting with them, a rare act from the men in uniform.

From the photos, miss Wako together with an unidentified colleague, is seen offering the kids a ride on their police patrol vehicle.

The Facebook user post read,

Where is GITHERI MEDIA?? Police are known for bad things. I can’t believe that Busia police can do this.

Dorris Wako a police officer in busia is feeding street children with her own salary. Busia children call her “MUM”…let us congratulate her.

Check out the photos below.

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