20 girls in Marakwet forcefully circumcised

Twenty girls were on Friday forcefully circumcised in two villages in Marakwet East sub-county.

The girls aged between 6 -14 are pupils at  primary schools in Elgeyo Marakwet county reportedly faced the cut in Tinyar and Kapkobutwo villages in Chugor, Kibaimwa location of Marakwet East, in an exercise that started from 5:30 am to7:00 pm.

According to the Villagers, although the government had outlawed FGM, they would not abandon their most valued practice in their society.

The villagers asked the government not to interfere with their traditions but instead tackle insecurity associated with terrorism and banditry witnessed recently in parts of the country.

Anti FGM Board Chairperson Linah Kilimo regretted that after great efforts have been made to eradicate the outlawed practice, FGM is still rampant in the area.

”It is so unfortunate that we are still getting reports from home that is so bad. I thought we had come a long way and were free from the chains of barbaric cultural practices of FGM,” said Kilimo.

Source: The Star

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