Yemi Alade in Maasai attire

A Maasai man offered me 20 cows for dowry – Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is one of the most popular musicians in Africa and rightly so. The talented Nigerian loves Kenya a lot, even considering it her home away from home-a a love that is very much reciprocated with the star regularly visiting the country.

She recently shot the new music video for her new song, Shekere in Kenya. The gifted musician incorporated some members of the Maasai community in her video.

Yemi Alade with Maasai girls

The video was a success but something hilarious also happened during the shoot. The Johny singer revealed that a Maasai man once proposed to her in the most romantic yet African way.

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In an Instagram post, Yemi related how a Maasai man had offered her 20 cows in exchange for her hand in marriage. However, he quickly took back his offer after a friend of his changed his mind with a simplistic reason.

Yemi Alade in Maasai attire
Yemi Alade in Maasai attire

The singer said the man’s friend warned him the songstress was too big to be a proper wife. Another issue that the man’s friend had was that Yemi did not look like a lady who could build a house like the women they are used to. She narrated;

A Masai Offered Me 20cows For My hand in Marriage, but his friend said that I am fat😂😂😂 and I can’t build houses!😂😂 FUN FACT 
The First and Oldest Wife’s house is usually the first followed by the second wife’s and the others respectively.
Alot of the Maasai Youth are educated and still very cultured, building houses from skillful mix of cow dung, mud and water.

Yemi Alade looking spectacular
Yemi Alade looking spectacular


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