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2 Destinations you need to travel to in Africa

Africa is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Here, you can enjoy crystal blue beaches, majestic wildlife, and a wealth of culture and history.

Before, you start planning trips to Europe and America, have you traveled to at least five countries in Africa? Or even the neighbouring East African countries?

Most people shun from wanting to travel to destinations that are close by not understanding how Africa as a continent has so much to offer and how the different people have a rich culture one can learn.

Take it up to yourself and friends to save up and experience what Africa has to offer. Let us be the kind that promotes our own other than waiting for westerners to take it up on themselves.

This article, will look at two places you ought to travel to in the continent without much straining.

  1. Rwanda

First of all, if you are in an East African country then travelling to Rwanda would be Visa free for you. Those visiting Rwanda will only need to obtain a visitor’s pass on arrival, which is valid for 6 months. There is no visa fee payable for this pass, and you can renew it at any point of entry. Do not feel pressured if you can not afford a flight from Kenya, this is because buses too can be used as a means of travel. It may be much longer and tiring but I believe the experience is worth it all.

Tourist destinations in the city

  • Genocide Memorial

Since the dark days of the genocide, Kigali has been able to take a U-turn and the city is bursting with greatness. In the city you can find scented spices and various bustling markets around the city. The Genocide memorial is one of the city’s biggest tourist attraction and very many tourists put it in their itinerary.

  • Volcanos National Park

Around the craggy volcanic peaks, visitors discover lush montane forests and thick groves of African redwoods. As you tour the lush forests you may discover the rare uber-rare mountain gorillas.

  • Kibuye

Kibuye jets into the blue-brown waters of lake Kivu in a series of headlands and sided bays. Also there are boats available for tours around the lake.

  • Akagera National Park

The national park, is the same Savannah you’d expect in the East African Rift. Gives rise to free roaming giraffes, antelopes and many more. If you are a bird watcher, then this is the place for you, with beautiful meanders of River Kagera shimmers through.

2. Namibia

Travel in Namibia is truly unlike travel anywhere else on earth. Known as the land of endless horizons, the vast distances and epic landscapes of this country will leave you feeling both insanely small and insignificant, and carefree and in absolute awe at every turn. It’s epic in every single way, and a visit here is well worth it.

Did I mention it’s visa free as well?

It may be vast, and distances may be long, but Namibia has an awful lot you absolutely must see. Places MUST visit: Sossusvlei, Fish River Canyon and Kolmanskop are must visit destinations to the south, while the unique and wild coastlines of Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and the Skeleton Coast simply cannot be missed.

Tourist destinations must visit,

  • Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is the endless sea of rust-red dunes, the bleached white pan and its gnarled ancient trees. I believe, a visit to Namibia is incomplete without making the long trek into Sossusvlei, climbing Big Daddy and sitting atop the world’s tallest dune looking out over a sea of equally big dunes disappearing into the western horizon.

  • Skeleton Coast

Dunes meet sea at the Skeleton Coast and there is a lot to see and do here that makes Swakopmund an ideal break to the vast distance between Sossusvlei and Etosha.  Take, Desert tours, sea kayaking and scenic flights are complimented by a host of adventure activities including quad biking, paragliding, sandboarding and skydiving.

  • Fish River Canyon

Whichever way you measure it, the Fish River Canyon is enormous. Poised on the edge your view is of a vast flat land incised by rivers flowing for millennia.

  • Kaokoland

Enormous, virtually impassable mountain ranges, all the desert-adapted wildlife of Damaraland to the south and mile upon square mile of uninhabited, scenic splendour. Kaokoland is where the fascinating Himba people live – off the land in harmony with nature.

How to travel in Kenya on a budget and tight schedule

Best suited to adventurous self-drive 4×4 camping adventures with more than one vehicle, Kaokoland is quite likely on everybody’s second-visit bucket list. And a second visit you will want after skimming the surface of this ancient and beautiful country.

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