Kenyans React To Directive To Use Google Cordinates For Biwott’s Burial

Kenyans find humour even in the worst situations and this time it was no different after it was declared those attending Biwott’s burial will have to use Google coordinates.

‘Total Man’ died last week and since then, rumour has been going round that he would be buried in a gold coated coffin (below) something that turned out to be false


According to the program, that was shared after the requiem mass that took place at the AIC Milimani Church, the final burial ceremony will take place at Maria Soti Girls Center in Kaptarakwa town in Elgeyo Marakwet with the burial following thereafter.

After the funeral programme was shared at the requiem mass that was held yesterday, those who wish to attend the funeral of the late politician will have to Google the coordinates to find it.


A first in Kenya where most invitation cards, funeral programmes and other invites use real maps for directions, the wealthy family of the former KANU strongman have opted for location coordinates which elicited all manner of reactions from KOT.

Going by the requirements Kenyans with analogue phones commonly known as kabambe, may either have to skip or borrow smartphones to enter the coordinates to the burial venue.

Stalkers are burning calories finding Biwott’s burial details. See your life now. — Toni West (@tonniwest)

Going to Biwott’s funeral? Don’t ask directions, they just changed the game. Just enter Google coordinates given& you’re home.No kabambe ppl  (@KinyanBoy)

I doubt the google coordinates to Biwott’s burial site.U will c him buried there but @ night they will re-bury him where we will never know.Collateral Beauty (@AngKavi)

N 00 30 03.32 E 035 30 53.08 is indicated to be fed in Google map to get to Biwott’s Burial home.Worry not,have already done it,,traceable. (@JohnBosco_Juma)

Susan Onyango:Its better to say private funeral,by the time you drive will find the funeral finished or you might drive and reach an unnamed road..RIP

Muga Fanuel:Dont worry drive to Eldoret ask the neighbours ,no need for Google maps.

Before his death Biwott, was known for his secretive life and even in death his family is still keeping it that way. The late politician will be laid to rest tomorrow.

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