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17 words that will drive you nuts when you hear people mispronounce them

The world is very judgemental and it gets worse when you make mistakes when speaking. Despite our best efforts we all err somewhere and this was the discussion on a Twitter thread.
@JoJoFromJerz… asked on Twitter What’s a word people routinely say incorrectly and it drives you nuts every single time?
I’ll go first.

“Pitcher”- as in, “Smile, I’m gonna take your pitcher!”

Her question drew alot of responses because everyday we go nuts when people say something incorrectly.

Here are other words netizens lose their cool about.

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2. @RemyVorender
Liberry and Valentimes Day for me.
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3. @KollockShepard
Probably not what you mean, but GIFT as a verb. As in “I’m gifting you this present.”

We give gifts.

4. @ShannonJulia13
Saying the word seen instead of saw.

5. @GreenWeiner
“An historic” bugs the shit outta me.

“H” isn’t a vowel.

6. @gcampbellmusic
“of” instead of “have”. For example, “He should of done that instead”. Drives me nuts
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7. @k8morgan
Irregardless…puts me into full on rage

8. Christmas tree
Should/could OF instead should/could HAVE

9. @SunTsu
There’s an even worse version: “For all intensive purposes”. I nearly vomited the first time someone said that

10. @marioooch
“Nucular” instead of “nuclear.” And “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less. “

11. @waswrites
When people say “nuke-u-lar” it sends me into orbit with frustration
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12. @pfels1
“Could of” and “should of” were some of the banes of my existence when I taught high-school English.

13. @Stu__Pidasol
Gotta go with the people that don’t know Then vs Than.   Kills Me!!

14. @RickyWiIIiams
Pronouncing your and you’re the exact same way.

Saying underlining when they mean underlying.

“Tempuhchur” for temperature.

15. @mngrrrl

Your and you’re – what?

16. @TripwithBrit
I hate how people use “literally” without actually understanding what the word means.

“She LITERALLY threw me under the bus.”
“He LITERALLY broke my heart.”

No they didn’t. Please understand the meaning of that word.

17. @MarksMus1ngs

Which reminds me of “expecially.” Ugh!


Have a well pronounced day won’t you?

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