17 situations that make men hate approaching girls these days

A man on Reddit has painted a horrible picture of why they no longer pursue women in a thread that’s generated 80k views.

In the thread he said its the womens’ fault that they no longer pursue women and not much will change that.

On the Tuesday morning conversation, Mike Mondo – sitting in for Maina Kageni- also wanted to find out why men are too quick to take ladies to their house without dating.

He sought to find out why the dating game has changed, that a man meets a woman and on the same day she is taken to his house for bizniz. Why don’t men want to get to know a woman first?


woman are on heat, they ahve that urge to go to your house, so if you meet her on that day and you please her she follows you, you just find her there, i have taken hetr to a hotel discussed soemthign small and i took her to my house

Okay, let us have a closer look to what usually happens in “approaching-the-girl” scenario.

  • If a guy sends friend request, he is desperate.
  • If a guy sends Hi, he is creep.
  • If a guy is being polite, he is nice zoned.
  • If a guy expresses his feelings, he is too dramatic.
  • If a guy doesn’t expresses his feelings, he is just playing with the girl.
  • If a guy doesn’t approach the girl second time because she was playing it hard in the first time, he is dumb.
  • If a guy approaches the girl second time, he is too creepy.
  • If a guy is good with academics, he is nerd-zoned.
  • If a guy can’t read her signals, he is stupid.
  • If a guy does read her signals, he thinks too much and got carried away.
  • If a guy asks her number, she says she already has a boyfriend.
  • If he has good looks and physique, the girl is looking for someone more career-oriented not a gym-obsessed.
  • If a guy is using dating app, he is just looking for a fling.
  • If a guy approaches a pretty girl, he is going out of his league.
  • If a guy is an introvert or shy, well, introverts never pursue women. XD
  • If a guy is extrovert, he is a playboy.
  • And of course, if a guy is too close to a girl, he is friend-zoned.

These thoughts were echoed by another man on Classic who said ‘If i find you in the streets tunaenda hiyo kwangu, no dating, kazi nimalize, ati dating ninabebe tunaenda kwenda, una sema hii ni ndege yangu nitembee nayo, there is no time to take her on dates, then you find she is taken by someone else.’

But in all honesty girls do confuse guys leading to all sortsa situanshionships out here.

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