17 Signs you’re in love with a commitment-phobe (Aki Pole!)

Pole sana if this causes you makasiriko, but someone has to say it.

There are people with a fear of commitment., and yet they could be in a relationship currently with you.

Many specialists worldwide say people with commitment phobia exhibit signs that such as the ones listed below.

From sabotaging your love just when you are about to make things official to delaying moving in together, here’s what you need to look out for for your sanitys sake.

1. They have a history of way too many short relationships

There’s often an excuse that they haven’t met the right woman, or they justify their history by saying they still have plenty of time to settle down. A favorite line is ‘siku moja’.Married

2. They want a relationship but they also want freedom and space

Thank you for being my pillar of strength – Mwanaisha Chidzuga’s message to Mungatana

3. They are very charming

They say and do all the right things and they can be very romantic.

4. They are usually very affectionate and loving

They do this because of the famous ‘hii relationship haiendi mahali’ mentality.

5. They play the seduction/rejection game

2018 was a year of extreme highs and lows for me – Jacque Maribe


6. They limit the amount of time they spend with the women and treat her as a low priority

7. They often choose women who aren’t the type of partner they are looking for

8. They avoid events or outings that may include the woman’s family or friends

9. They know an ongoing twa twa relationship often leads to commitment, so they choose to run when things start to head in that direction.

10. They must be in control and treat you like a puppet

11. They don’t like structure in their personal relationships

I secretly got a vasectomy then my wife announced she’s pregnant


12. They plyay mind games and you can never quite understand their mixed messages

13. They may withdraw se3ually and blame it on the woman for being demanding

14. They have a history of unavailability and inaccessibility

They can be hard to contact and are often unpredictable when it comes to returning phone calls.

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15. They lie, or are evasive and secretive about where they are and what they are doing to create space.

16. They have very little furniture or don’t own property or a car, as these represent commitment

17. They can be overly committed to their work or to their children to avoid spending a lot of time with a woman.

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