16 men give women dating tips and relationship advise because why not


What relationship advise would men give women? Men offer the best advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 16 tips that men want to give to women.

A thread on Twitter from men giving legit dating advise was prompted by a female twitter user @AnnaFlag of Haiti, who asked men only to respond tot he question


Give us women some relationship advice .

We picked 16 tips you can read and share below:
1. @xysist..
Don’t be afraid to contradict us when we say shit. We will not accept to change that shit there and then but we will subtly change it later on slowly. Men don’t want yes women we want a woman who can criticize us so that we get better for us both.

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2. @illestGodAlive..
Put love to the side. Give yourself up to loneliness, keep building yourself. Start a business, get new hobbies, chase greatness…and then once you built yourself up… you will attract exactly your match. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than what you attracting now.

3. @QuestMalloy..
Believe our actions the first time, and don’t make excuses for it. If he shows you he ain’t shit once, believe it. If he consistently shows up for you, believe that.

4. @isellwypeepo..
Please stop asking “do I see myself with you in 10 years” like I barely know what ima do tomorrow let’s just enjoy the vibes we got now and see where it takes us, just know if we dating I’m obviously tryna build a future together

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5. @hills_j..
Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. WE STUPID!!! Just be straight up and exact what you want and expect from us. Lay your standards out and don’t settle for nothing less from him. If he starts slipping check him. When we love you it’s nothing we won’t do to make you happy.

mid adult couple holding hands and praying
mid adult couple holding hands and praying

6. Brother Shaquille Sunflower
Simple shit, if he’s not doing it then you aren’t the one 🤷🏾‍♂️ and that goes for anyone. Stop letting people condition you for abuse. If you point out a behavior or how something mad you feel and their response is to argue/get defensive or cut off access to them just dead it

7. @pray4luve..
If a dude’s energy changes and he isn’t as attentive & caring, please be the Queen that you are and move on. You don’t have time for niggas to be inconsistent. Don’t give him the benefit of doubt either, someone (another female) is the reason he’s changing 90% of the time.

8. TheFan4Life..
1. Keep your girlfriends out of your business.
2. Never compare your relationship to other people’s social media highlights
3. Support his goals and dreams
4. Set boundaries, standards and expectations from day 1.
5. Pay attention to your senses. They never lie.

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9. @CJforShort..
Get ahead of the B.S by letting a man know what you’re looking for in the relationship BEFORE you start anything. And if he says he’s looking for something serious with you too, wait before you’re an active part of his life before doing anything you would regret if he was lying.

10. @PercivalPenman..
Stick to the lines and standards you set. Compromise is fine but if you have a standard or a non-negotiable, don’t negotiate it. A man will rise to it if he really want you

11. @BriantheBranana..
Your friends should never be treating you better/hyping you up more than the man you’re dating (meaning he needs to do better for you). Men can not be “stolen”, if they slept with someone else it’s because they WANTED to.

12. @washingtondame..
Don’t believe who he seems to be until after the 3rd or fourth month. That’s his representative you’ve been seeing. It normally wears off around then and he can’t keep up the good guy BS if it isn’t in him to begin with.

13. @natedaagreatt..
If a guy leaves you and comes back its because he found something better but they wont put up with his bullshit.
A confused man is a man with options
If he keeps saying he doesn’t want a relationship right now, the ” with you ” is silent.

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14. L.A quan
If a man seems interested one day and uninterested another. He talking to 5 other women and doesn’t know what he wants. Leave his confused ass to play games with someone else.

15. @BBCinNoVA..
Understand a man may shy away from an independent wmen bc he thinks she can provide structurally for herself & thus doesn’t need him.

Recognize this & tell him you need him for emotional fulfillment, for the nurturing relationship you desire…which he can provide.

16. @Gimme_SomeMO_..
1. Men who know they want you do not “take it slow”
2. Don’t fall for the leash method
3. Effort is key. Pay attention to how hard he tries to make time
4. Good men won’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do.

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