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15 people share the strict and ridiculous house rules for their guests

People are revealing the weird house rules that they expect their guess to observe.

Th answers were generated ina viral Twitter thread where people were asked to share what they expect guests to do or not do.

cometolundon_on Twitter asked users to respond. ‘ now I’m interested in y’all house rules.. what are some of y’all’s??’

Turn your pockets inside out before you leave

I don’t have rules per say but I have like, ways to not be invited back…

If I invite you for dinner and you just come in and sit and don’t offer to help with dishes or serving or you don’t bring anything—no more dinner invites.

Annabel Onyango and Marek Fuchs' house
Annabel Onyango and Marek Fuchs’ house

No smoking. No shoes. No outside clothes on my couch. Wash your hands when you come in. Don’t ask me if you can have something just take it I wouldn’t have you here if I didn’t wanna share.

Put the toilet seat back down, keep your same cup and don’t spread out ex. If it’s a gathering and it’s only x amount of seats don’t be sitting with your legs all open or laying down to keep someone from sitting near you

Do not turn on the lights if you do not live here  I do not like lights, AT ALL.

If you have to have some of these rules – you’re inviting the wrong people into your home.

I serve you once. After that you’re on your own.
If you are invited over that means I’m comfortable enough for you to walk right in, go to the fridge, grab a drink, tell me your hungry …

Clean my kitchen after use!!!!!
Don’t take my things without seeking my permission!
Don’t touch my candies!!!
Don’t walking into my crib with sand under your footwear!!  don’t keep no shoes in my house!

Spacious house
Spacious house

take your shoes off at the door, speak to/greet everyone there, leave your negativity and drama at the door, clean up after yourself

If you don’t see me do it (smoke, get loud, act a fool) then you can’t do it. And don’t bring somebody I don’t know with you.

If you scatter the bed, lay it.

Don’t step on water on the toilet floor. Mop it.

Put things back where you picked them from.

Don’t touch my perfumes.

Don’t ask to take any of my objects home. There is a reason I own them.

Don’t stay too long. Don’t be an IDP33190925-beautiful-african-american-woman-doing-house-chores

Every thing has a place put it back where you got it from, shoes off at the door, cups and glasses on the coaster not the bare table, no smoking inside, and no dishes stay in the sink overnight.

Clean toilet and floor if mess is made. Toilet seat down when flushing. Clean feet on bed and couches (wipes at door). Don’t dirty my microwave, use a food cover. No clothes on the floor. & don’t ever come inside my house with your shoes on, EVER!!! Smiling face with halo TYSM

– Don’t visit me unannounced (except you are family)
– Don’t open my fridge
– Don’t open my pot(what is inside is none of your biz wax)
– Don’t put your legs on my chairs/tables(it’s not your father’s house)
– Don’t even come atall pls

* Keep off my electronics
* Watch your kids or I’ll shut them TFU
* Don’t leave your shoes outside my door
* No spiting on my sink
* Dont you dare play what I can’t afford to listen to in my house
* No hoodie/jacket favours

No one uses my bathroom.
Do not wash your hands after coming from outside in my kitchen sink. (!)
Don’t put your feet up on anything that’s not meant for that.
Company isn’t allowed upstairs unless they’re staying w me.

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