This is what determines if you’re wife material, according to Kenyan men

The Monday morning conversation on Classic105, proved to be quite an interesting one. Maina and Kingangi were tackling the issue of wife material. Maina sought to know from listeners how a guy knows if he is lucky to be with a woman who is wife material.

We sample some of your views thanks to our twitter followers.

Dougie Dg Doug It’s all a package of character traits& one can’t buy them ‘ cause it’s not something one can use money to acquire. Every lady is capable of being a wife material only if & when they fully decide to do so. Being a wife material is not depicted by one’s dressing code nor body figure. It’s the inner manners that carry it all. Self respect, responsible, focused,down to earth, loving,smart brains, willingness to start her own family& home… But thus needs sacrifices that only a few are ready to chip into that relationship, its an endless list just but to name a few!

Bahati Bahaty The women who treats their husbands like babies,just doing everything fr them.

Obote Oboteobote Respect

MkambaMkenya @kyengoaryana @Classic105Kenya A wife material is a Beautiful,alcohol free, club free,respectful, loving, caring wife & that’s my wife

Karigi waMukuhi @Karigi_Mukuhi  @Classic105Kenya #wifematerial simply have the potential to support your a man by inspiring him to believe in himself. make him feel great

Here is audio for the morning conversation with Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi in case you missed it earlier today:






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