Here’s Why Men Cheat

Have you ever wondered why men cheat? Do you ever wonder the reasons why the men cheat on their wives and girlfriend? Even women cheat but the reasons for men and women cheating are completely different. Here are some of the reasons why men cheat.

1. Pregnancy – When a woman is pregnant especially when it reaches the third trimester, it becomes harder for her to participate in sex and may not be as flexible as she used to be. Sometimes the woman might be too tired to have sex and the man might look for it elsewhere.

2. Financial dependence – Men like to be on top of everything so when the woman is the breadwinner it makes the man feel “less”. Chances are they will find a woman who can depend on him for a little support and cheat with her.

3. Because you allowed them – If a man has cheated before and you have forgiven him on several occasions then chances are he will do it over and over again. A cheater will always cheat because he knows that you will take them back.

4. To boost his ego – Should a man feel like he is being undermined or unappreciated he will cheat to find validation elsewhere. Infact cheating will make him feel more attractive and wanted hence his ego will “stabilize”

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