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13 Famous people who are/were left handed



While being left-handed might still be looked upon with suspicion in African societies, many go on to lead successful lives.

It was considered a curse back in the day, and many parents forced their children not to use their left hand, while others burned peoples hands.

Among the most famous people who are left handed include Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

U.S. President Barack Obama is left-handed, but he wasn’t the first president who needed to tie his shoelaces the other way around.

Also Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush and Bill Clinton.

Personalities such as Ophrah Winfrey and Bill Gates are left-handed, with guitarist Jimi Hendrix being famous for his left-handed playing.

There have also been left-handed scientists such as Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton who did not let being left-handed hold them back.

Hollywood stars also join the long list: Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Mahatma Ghandi,

Here are three things lefties only understand the challenge that many of us right handed people never give a thought to:

  1. Opening a wine bottle: Have you ever seen a leftie struggle to use a corkscrew? These items were designed for right handed people
  2. Using a sink: You turn on the tap by turning it clockwise, now for lefties this is all sorts of confusion.
  3. Eating in a restaurant
  4. Writing

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