11 travelling tips for women who want to go solo on vacation


An online discussion prompted by a woman wanting to go solo on vacation but hesitant owing to insecurity, elicited many tips that women can use to travel solo.

Here are 11 such helpful things you can do.

  1. Just stay hyper aware of your surroundings at all times

2. You just have to have your “bi*ch face” on lock so people don’t harass you

3. Walk with confidence

4. carry protection like pepper spray

5. Share your location

6. Don’t get too tipsy away from the room. Don’t panictravelling-smart-tips-for-travel-750x632

7. Talk to someone while you’re out

8. Stay near your hotel and area don’t really go out of bounds if you don’t have too

9.Choose your destination with Intent

10. Pack light so strangers are not forced to help and discover you are solo

11. Protect your documents, cards and cash
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