11 people reveal their funniest and weird first date experiences

There are so many ways a first date can go horribly wrong.

We all have our fair share of cringe-worthy horror stories from bad dates.

Here are 11 of the worst date stories told by women and men. There is simply no better way to describe these experiences, so just read through:

1. Met this cute white guy at a party. we went on a date to dennys and on the way home he told me his life story & almost crashed the car when he broke down crying hysterically about his best friend who committed suicide. I comforted him but I was honestly scared for my life.he drove 30mph in a 50mph speed limit because he said he enjoyed my company so much. asked me to say nigga. told me he liked my “african american hair” asked me if I wanted head and he didn’t care if I shaved. never again

2. Planned to take shorty out, she instead suggests we chill she cook and watch movies. Cool ima get some. I get there she dragged one of the park benches to the crib…she had no other furniture. Disturbed but she fine AF. She offer me a drink and go upstairs. No furniture up there.Bed on floor. I’m like how we gon watch movie, she said I got a computer. Still wanted to beat lol. We laying on bed and she start smoking but gets up to stuff a towel down at another door. I ain’t pay it no mind. Bout 10 min later her son come out he like 5.


3. Went on a date with a guy, I arrive to his house he says we are taking his car, but throws me the keys Cause his license is suspended (red flag 1) ,overlooked it & begin to drive only to get stopped by a girl w/a baby, asking through the drivers window when he coming back.We ain’t even back out the parking space yet and this girl seems aggressive, We leave and drive to the seafood place , there I ask “ Was that your sister?”, he replies naw sorry my baby mama be tripping

4. Met this dude on twitter, he asked me out. I had to pick him up bc the day of the date he decided to tell me he didn’t have a car. Ok, cool. Go to pick him up he gets in the car smelling like raid roach spray, I kid you not. The date turned out pretty good. We went to dinner then.Went to the levee and smoked a few, watched the sun set. Pretty fucking great. Then I went to take him home, we pull up to his house, he was constantly attempting feel on me, even tried to put his hands in my pants. I kept saying stop he wouldn’t so I grabbed my gun.


5. We met for coffee & I was already feeling a NO in my spirit but I was trying to be nice. He showed me pictures of his daughter and asked if I had any kids. I said no so his response was “How many abortions have you had because you’re too pretty for no one to knock you up.

6. Once I went on a date in college and it went nicely, but as he was dropping me off at home he locked his key in the car. I called Triple A & gave him a hanger to try to get the key out himself. He had a meltdown and beat his car with the hanger. I watched from a window inside.


7. Me and this chick went for dinner when all of a sudden her ex popped up. He came in being wild disrespectful, calling her out her name so I punched him in his face!! She had the nerve to get mad at me for defending her!! I left both they ass there!! didn’t even pay the check

8. Went on a double date with my bestie and the guy she hooked me up with was his phone keeps going off im like oh here we go i say “you gonna answer that”? he says “nah im good..she in labor but ion know of its mine anyways”.

9. Went on a date with this guy & everything was nice & sweet until he made a stop by his “homeboy” place. Long story short he had me waiting in the car for like 2 hours. I saved the location & googled his ex address the next day. This KAKA had me outside of her house.


10. Went on a first date with a guy, who invited his “best friend” the proceeded to ignore me and talk amongst themselves for 30min. I left midway through didn’t even eat the food I ordered. The fool called me 3 days later to ask me why I left.

11. Our first date was dinner and a movie. After the movie, she points up to a billboard and asked, “when are you going to give me one of those”. The billboard has a baby on it.

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