10 Weird things every couples does whenever together

Couples tend to do certain things that they actually cannot do when they are around other people.

Here is a list of those quirky and weird things you do with your bae behind closed doors.

Sharing food

When they are together they can feed their partner for all they care. It shows how much you care and love your wife or husband. This may not be the case when they are at a friend’s place or even in public but its more comfortable when they are on their own

Sharing and smelling clothes

They normally do this especially if they don’t wear the same clothing sizes. They can hence make fun on how each looks on the other partner’s attire. They can go to the extent of smelling the dirty clothes of their partner and make fun of the sweat smell.

Showering together

To other couples it can be a normal routine while to others it can be once in a while as a romance sign. All the same they cannot do it when anyone is around but themselves.

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Grooming each other

Your partner has to look nice and well presented all the time. This can be wiping some food remains off their face, teeth, hair or any sort of dirt.

Sharing toothbrushes

This can be unhealthy as other people see it but it is not the same case with your partner. When they become married for instance they become one hence can share anything that belongs to their partner. They may at times share them knowingly or unknowingly especially if the brushes resemble.

Hanging out naked

Spending time with your partner while half dressed or naked is not a bad idea. As a couple, they will find it comfortable and actually more romantic. It may seem disrespectful or embarrassing if someone finds them unexpectedly and thus why they do this in their own privacy.

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This the best place to be especially after a long tiresome day. It makes one feel relaxed under their partner’s arms and warmth. Cuddling actually can help one to get the best of mind and act as a stress reliever.

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Funny dance moves

This is a form of entertainment to kill boredom especially when they are free. This really strengthens the relationship as they share happy moments together. These dances can be either genuine or maybe they may be imitating someone who dances in those particular moves.

Backbiting other couples

This happens in basically all relationships. At the time they can talk about other couples either in a nice way or bad way depending on how they relate with them.

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Every marriage or relationship has challenges and fighting is one of them. This can be as a result of disagreement on a certain issue or in times of making decisions. Fighting can also be a sign of love especially when they are having fun or playing around the house.


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