10 things new mum’s worry about at workplaces that don’t offer lactation rooms

When new working moms return to work, they expect to continue breastfeeding their babies for several more months, but workplaces in Kenya make it difficult to do this.

That’s all about to change if your leaders get their act together.

Employers with 50 or more employees must provide a private space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their babies, or face steep fines.

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That’s according to a new bill proposed by Muranga Women Rep Sabisn Chege who says

The Breastfeeding Mothers Bill of 2019 I tabled makes it compulsory for all persons who own, lease or rent buildings holding at least 50 people to provide a lactation room.


She adds that

Those fined (Ksh.1M) for failure to provide lactation rooms will also pay Sh10,000 each day during which the offence continues until they put up the facilities.

Many breast feeding mums I spoke to revealed the challenges they go through with companies in Kenya that don’t provide these support services, yet expect new mums to work.

  • There is no private room allocated for new mums.
  • There is no sink with dish soap, hand soap, drying rack, paper towels and a storage cabinet to clean up pump accessories and bottles.o-BLACK-BABY-facebook


  • No comfortable chairs specifically suited for nursing mothers
  • A flat surface for a breast pump to rest, like a long countertop
  • No access to electrical outlets
  • No locks on the door that warns passers-by that the room is in use
  • No tissues and anti-bacterial wipes to clean up the flat surface
  • There is no small refrigerator for storing breast milk.
  • No microwave is allocated for steam-cleaning pump pieces (the mom will have a bag she places the pump parts into to steam clean)

Girls, what’s your horror story and how did you manage to breastfeed your child beyond the six months without facilities? Do share below this post.

Some of the company’s doing good at this end are Facebook, Deloitte, Pricewater Cooper, Unilever USA among others.


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