10 stages of a breakup we all go through


The breakup may have come as a shocker to you, and it’s important you take note of these stages of heartbreak.

You will eventually come out the side a better, stronger person, but getting there is a process and it’s one we all go through, no matter what our personal circumstances.

Stage 1: Shock/Denial.

You won’t be able to accept it at first, and will not let it known to family and friends that you’ve broken up with bae. You’re desperately hoping things will change.

Stage 2: Blinding rage.

You slowly become angry at the situation and your feeling of hopelessness. You snap at everyone and everything as a way to vent.breakup_7

Stage 3: Keeping to yourself

You become a recluse of sorts who is mourning the relationship. This is where one doesn’t see the sense in showering and all you want to do is stay in bed or sleep on the couch eating snacks.

Stage 4: Blaming yourself.

It’s normal to wonder what went wrong, and go over every single thing you did. Sure, it’s possible that you messed up, but it’s important not kick yourself while you’re already down too much.Breakup

Stage 5: Continuously crying over him

You will watch all the sad movies that will only serve to remind you of him. This is the tough part of dealing with your feelings.
Stage 6: Longing to hold him

You will stalk him on social media, and if he has not updated anything, you hop onto the feed of hi friends and relatives in the hopes of any information about him. Pining for him. Block his number and un-follow him sis, you will only continue to hurt yourself.

Stage 7: Acceptance

You realize that it’s over for good, and you’re starting to accept it. You’re no longer constantly crying and checking in on your ex.


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