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10 signs that he still loves you

There are many ways that we show our affection for those that we love. Thoughts and emotions cloud our judgment to whether one is still loved by their significant other.

Below are 10 signs that your beau still loves you:

He keeps an eye on you

Ladies, does he constantly want to check up on you? Or want to know how your day has been then without a shadow of a doubt he still loves you. Don’t wonder any further whether he still loves you. He sure does.

He follows what you do online

You may think it’s a bit stalkerish but trust you me girl, he means no harm just keeping tabs of his baby. It is normally a sweet gesture when he keeps tabs on you, this shows a level of trust and openness in the relationship.

You get a lot of calls from unknown numbers

Your bae tries to reach you on your cellphone but you are unreachable. He will go out of his way by using other numbers just to get a hold of you. Those are signs that he still loves you.

He sends you hateful messages

Due to anger and resentment that he may still harbor inside of him, he may once in a while send hateful messages which he doesn’t mean. He later apologizes because he still has mad feelings over you baby girl.

He tends to call you for no particular reason

If he calls and tells you that he really has nothing to tell you but just wants to hear your voice, that is a clear sign that he still loves you and your own his mind 24/7.

He shares love quotes on his social media

Men are not beings of showing emotions but when he extends his affection on his social media, he is targeting a specific person that has his heart.

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He resists giving back your stuff

Many breakups are followed by individuals returning back their stuff from their significant others due to not wanting fond memories of each other. But when he refuses giving back your stuff, know that he wants your memories close by.

He keeps wearing the gifts you got him

When you buy your guy a gift, and he constantly wears what you got him means that he loves your taste and the things you get him. He will wear it proudly and be proud of the gift.

He has extreme emotions towards you ( anger, hate, sadness)

Mixed feelings towards you are present. He may be feeling confused and disturbed over you to a point that he may not know how to act or feel.

He tries to reach you when he is drunk

Drunk calls in the middle of the night are a clear indication that he still loves you. It’s only when a man is drunk that he can pour out his emotions towards you.

He has future plans for you

Someone who loves you will always want to include you in his plans either for the future of even the present times. This is someone who sees a future with you and would want to spend the rest of his life with you.

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