10 red flags your best friend secretly hates you (Twitter Thread)


There are so many signs that a friend hates you and wishes the worst for you. But do you pay attention to those red flags?

A Twitter user elicited responses from fans after asking that question.

@wavyemma asked, “when did you realize your supposed homegirl actually hated you?”

1. @firstbook1

When she sneakily met a guy I was seeing and then invited him to OUR dorm room suite and when he told me I told him to come over and she saw him walk straight to my room and she slammed her door and started yelling

2. @sserenities
she accidentally dm’d me on my own Instagram post talking trash and I immediately opened and she unsent and said she was joking but decided the joke was “too far” so she unsent.

3. @siajanice
When she started sleeping with the guys that I was with or told her I was interested in

4. @simmemeeee
when she set me up with a dude in HS and he and I texted the whole weekend. Then Sunday night he texts me it was all a joke set up by her and I was really ugly etc. Monday at school she’s laughing at me all day. Should’ve clocked her then tbh

5. @AlexizGucci
When she used me as the ugly best friend to pick on to impress a guy she wanted to date

6. @KaeAmar
She planned a surprise birthday party with my boyfriend and friends flew to my state, acted weird the whole time barely would talk to me then got on her private IG and made nasty posts about me while staying in the room next to me forgetting I followed her. She apologized

7. @twinkologian
she would constantly tell “jokes” about me and never clarified that they were jokes to the people she told so a lot of weird & malicious rumours got spread about me lol.

8. @chamangomama
there’s too many. She’d try to sabotage my friendships and relationships, spread rumours/talk trash, copy everything to the point you’d think she’s trying to steal my identity, and was just straight up two-faced.

9. @foreverloreezy
When she made fun of me to impress the group of girls she ACTUALLY wanted to be friends with.

10. @Airstarrrr
when people compliment my natural hair and she says if she was natural her hair would be longer than mine. when she shouted at me in public for asking if she had found a ride home. when we lived together she would count all her eggs to make sure I didn’t take any.

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